Human Quote of the Day

Animals are such agreeable friends — they ask no questions, they pass no criticisms.

— George Eliot


Gringa Dingas Delivered to Toys for Tots

Mamacita boxed up a bunch of my likenesses today for delivery to the Toys for Tots folks in Murfreesboro, TN. (Are we not the cutest?!) Toys for Tots had the lowest donations in its 31 year history, so we had to jump in there and send some extra Gringa Dingas! Thank you to all who participated in our “Buy One/Give One Away to Toys for Tots” Gringa Dinga campaign for 2011. I hope some boys and girls will be happy to have me this Christmas. I’ll be happy to be with them.

Gringa Dingas boxed and ready to be delivered to Toys for Tots.

Gringa Dingas boxed and ready to be delivered to Toys for Tots.

Some of these puppies look like they reeaaaallllly want out of the box to play! If you’d like a Gringa Dinga of your very own, you can visit my website at:  All my stuffed likenesses are handmade, so they are all one of a kind, and they’re made in the USA with American-made materials. Every time you purchase one, you help keep Americans working. In addition, $2 will go directly to organizations that help homeless animals find homes. How cool is that?!  I was lost once, but now I’m found!  🙂

Gringa Dinga Pawprints



That’s what humans sound like to most dogs: “Blah-blah-blahhhhh.” Good thing I’m a dog who can translate doggie language into English so I can type what I’m thinking and you can read my Blahhhhg.

Let’s just start by saying . . . I’m a mess! And I like that way. Hang on to your sombreros. I have a lot in store for you at the Gringa Dinga Blahhhg.

In the meantime, visit: for more information about the wonders of ME and all my furry friends.

Gringa Dinga - "I'm a beautiful mess."